• Archaeological Heritage Management

  •  Anthropological Assessment

  •  Cultural Ranger Training

  •  Cultural Mapping and Planning

  •  Educational Field Schools and Internships

  •  GIS Data Management, Mapping and Modelling

  • Interactive Data Collection 

  •  Illustration and Graphic Design

  • Cultural Natural Resource Management 

  • Collaborative, community based management and reseeach

Recent Projects

Murujuga Cultural Plan and Ranger Training

• State Barrier Fence (Esperance) Heritage Assessment, 680kms

 • Archaeology Upper Kenai River Valley Community Project

• Cultural and Social Ecology of the Esperance Region, Research Project

• Evaluating Collaboration - Research Project

• Bardi Jawi Heritage Exchange

  • Horizon Powerline Network Heritage Survey

  • Hawai'i Community Field School

  • Wadandi Cultural Mapping Project, Dowark Foundation

  • Contributor, Intellectual Property Issues in Cultural Heritage Project, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada