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Alaska Program - (next camp starts June 2017!)

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Western Australia Program - (next trip starts mid-October 2017!)

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Learn methods of archaeological survey, excavation, and mapping within the spectacular landscapes of the Kenai Pensinsula (Alaska) and Cape Arid (southern Western Australia).

This is a unique programme combining intensive training in archaeology, historical geography, cultural awareness/exchange, wilderness education and on-ground restoration/conservation projects.  Sign up for a field school in Western Australia or Alaska - or do both as part of a two-month internship.

Participants experience high-level instruction in:

  • Archaeological Landscapes of Western Australia and Alaska
  • Archaeological survey and excavation
  • Archaeological mapping (GIS, GPS, total station)
  • Collaborative Archaeology
  • Stone artefact identification and analysis
  • Heritage management
  • Maritime Archaeology
  • Workshops in wilderness education and ecology
  • Workshops in community conservation and landscape archaeology
  • Conservation and management of cultural places (on-ground projects)
  • being a cultural ranger

The programme caters for both individuals and groups, and can be tailored to specific courses for high schools, university students or professionals.  Delivered in collaboration with Traditional Owners, universities, and heritage specialists, the field programs provide a platform for real cultural exchange and experiences.

Applied Archaeology designs and coordinates intensive programmes which are delivered in collaboration with local Custodians and Elders.

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There are upcoming workshops and Field Schools in Western Australia and Alaska!

To find out more or to design a specific programme relevant to your needs, please contact us.

David Guilfoyle

Western Australia
This unique internship program offers travellers, students or interested groups the opportunity to experience the incredible cultural heritage, seascapes, outback, and wildlife of Western Australia’s south coast.  The program provides practical field training, cultural activities, and workshops. 
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